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The Return of The TV Junkie: The Good, the Bad and the “What were they thinking?”


 When The TVJ returned to the fold (following an extended vacation basking in the sun and surf on Oahu), it was decided that to sum up the past year in a column highlighting “The Best of…” was the way to return. In the first installment, The TVJ gives you the “Best of the New Shows of 2012-2013.”


The TV Junkie: Soaps Run Amok & the Emmy Awards


                   Memos to:

1) ABC Daytime – do you really think that ANYONE will watch “The Chew,” over the broken bones of “All My Children”??? REALLY???AMC Book


The TV Junkie: Lotsa New Stuff Part 2


Memo to: Oprah…still haven’t watched the final shows…oh wait, don’t care! What the TVJ does care about is Anderson Cooper’s new show and Rosie's new show. Stay tuned!

Daytime Report:

The TVJ’s daytime wish has come true!!! No, not the fact that “AMC” and “OLTL” have been saved from the guillotine (SPOILER: due to contract negotiations, “AMC” will begin in January after a break, and “OLTL” will make the transition without a break…maybe), or that the spectacular Constance Towers is back on “General Hospital” as Helena Cassadine,Constance_Towers but the fact that the two most annoying characters, not only on “GH,” but probably in all of daytime, are gone.


The TV Junkie: 2011 Emmy Nominations


                                                                                                                        The nominations for the 2011 Emmy Award were announced recently. The ceremony, which will take place on Sunday, September 18th, will be hosted by Emmy Award-winning "Glee" actress, Jane Lynch. The nominees are as follows:


The TV Junkie: Lotsa Neat New Stuff

TV_Junkie_FINALMemo to: “Law & Order: SVU” – BRAVO!!! for the return of Stephanie March and Diane Neal as Alexandra Cabot and Casey Novak, the show’s best ADA’s evah! In addition, long-time “L&O:SVU” fans can now fill the void left by the departing Chris Meloni and the paring-down of Mariska Hargitay, with the addition of Kelli Giddish (“Chase”) and Danny Pino (“Cold Case”) as a set of new partners. Stephanie_MarchIf you remember correctly, it was the TVJ who put it out there in the universe for someone to pick up on Giddish and give her a role worthy of her talents. Looks like Dick Wolf was listening.


The TV Junkie: Daytime Emmy Awards, Mob Wives & Cliffhangers... or, not...


                                                                                                                                                                Memo to: Oprah…let me get this right…you’re being honored at the Daytime Emmy Awards by everyone under the sun, from Celine to Ellen to the Academy itself and you’re not there? ‘Scuse me? Well, Miss Thing, the TVJ has not watched the last three episodes of your show. Apparently, Duane Reade ran  out of insulin, so the marathon will have to wait until they re-up. Perhaps, in the fall. Or…not.


The TV Junkie: Easy Come, Easy Go …

Untitled document TV_Junkie_FINAL

Memo to:Ashton Kutcher…how much does the TVJ love this boy? Oh, yeah…Charlie Sheen? LOSER!!!

Favorite New Shows Drama is split between “The Event” and “Hawaii Five-O.” Love “Five-50!” Although The TVJ must confess to not being a die-hard fan of the original, but this redo, which easily could have gone south, has proven to be a winner and reason enough to move to Hawai’i. And how adorable is Scott Caan? “The Event,” which was just cancelled, was getting really interesting. two-half-men-twitter-ashton-Laura Innes in ANYTHING has the TVJ’s attention. But, alas, the TV-powers-that-be didn’t see it that way. Hopefully a wrap-up made-for-TV-movie will let us know if Earth survives the onslaught. As for comedies, although the TVJ adores “Mike & Molly the TVJ’s new fave sit-com is “Happy Endings” (more on this show next week), which might just be THE show to pick up where “Friends” left off. The writing is snappy, hilarious and so true-to-life, as are the characters, that the TVJ has to give this show the thumbs up!


The Return of The TV Junkie…

Untitled document






Memo toBRIAN FRONS & ABC...The return of the “TV Junkie” is in direct proportion to the stupidity shown by both Brian Frons (head of ABC Daytime – or what’s left of it!) and the powers that be at ABC who were cold and heartless enough to cancel, not one, but two of daytime’s finest dramas, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” The TVJ grew up with “The Secret Storm,” “Search for Tomorrow,” “Young Dr. Malone” and “Edge of Night,” watching the latter with my mother, on the first day it was broadcast. The TVJ scheduled college classes around “All My Children” and “One Life to Life,” both as an undergrad in the late ‘60s, a grad student in the ‘70s and yes, even as a college professor who refused to teach ANYTHING between the hours of 1-3pm.


TV Junkie: The Last of the New…I Swear!

TV_Junkie_FINALMemo to: “One Life to Live,” how could you have made Eli into a psycho? The TVJ loved this guy (and the sexy Matt Walton, whose evil side is wonderful!) and now he’s just another creep who Blair’s planning to marry. Poor Blair (the fabulously spectacular and underappreciated, not to mention stunning, Kassie DePaiva) marrying yet another loser.Kassie_DePaiva Hey Blair’s not THAT dumb! Give her a break. In fact, Eligive all those Cramer women a break.





TV Junkie: More Returns & More Newbies…

TV_Junkie_FINALMemo to: The Emmy nominating committee…what are you guys thinking? “Big Bang Theory” Jim_Parsonsis the best comedy on TV and NO EMMY NOMINATION FOR BEST COMEDY??? Whatever! At least Jim Parsons got a The_Big_Bang_Theorynomination as quirky geek-of-the-century Sheldon.














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